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  • Does the Magnolia Room follow state and federal standards for mass gatherings?
    Absolutely! The Magnolia Room has an obgligation to our booked and future events to take all reccomendations and requirements very serious. Currently we follow all state and federal standards.
  • What are the State and Federal regulations?
    Below are some links to the most current infortmation. SCRLA Accelerate SC CDC (Mass Gatherings) SC Executive Order
  • Will my date be affected?
    Unfortunately we dont know what the future holds and can't be sure if your event will be affected. Policies seem to change often and without notice so please let us know if you want an update and we will be happy to accomodate.
  • Does the Magnolia Room provide hand sanitizer?
    You Bet! We have serveral stations scattered throughout the building. 1.) You will see a station immediately as guests enter the facility 2.) We have a station located at the bar 3.) We have stations located at both restroom entrances 4.) There is a sanitizing station located in the prep room for your catering staff to use as they enter the ballroom. Of course, you can always offer small bottles for your guest as favors to add a personal touch to your event!
  • Is the Magnolia Room operating at full capacity?
    Currently, based on state guidelines we are operating our capacity at 250 people. Please check back for updates on this capacity max. Please keep in mind that this maximum capacity is based on many variables including, type of event, dancefloor size, tables, etc. (Your event capacity may vary depending on these variables)
  • What about social distancing?
    The Magnolia Room has put much thought into making sure that we are not only compliant but have gone above and beyond what is asked of us. 1.) All tables placed on the floorplan will be spaced at a minimum of six feet from table edge to the adjacent table edge. (the preferred space for tables is 7 feet) 2.) The Magnolia Room has purchased a floorplan program to assist our clients in making a floorplan that is compliant with social distancing standards.This is at no additional cost to the client. 3.) All outdoor ceremonies will have 50% additional seating in order to allow guests the opportunity to social distance. 4.) Magnolia Room will provide signage letting your guests know that there is additonal ceremony seating to allow for social distancing. 4.) Dancefloors are permitted however we ask that the dancefloor space be increased to allow guests social distancing space
  • Is there a change in food and bar service during COVID-19
    The Magnolia Room is not involved with catering so this is a question that you should ask your contracted caterer. Even though we don't have any responsibility when it comes to food and bar service, we still make sure that all bartenders, caterers and waitstaff understand the current state and federal regulations.
  • Mask Policy?
    All Magnolia Room staff members wear masks when interacting with anyone onsite.
  • Do you take temperatures during events?
    Since we are not onsite during the event we do not take temperatures. We do however offer thermometers so clients can delagate someone at their event to take temperatures.
  • How is the Magnolia Room cleaning and sanitizing the ballroom?
    1.) Our cleaning company is cleaning the room prior to your event. 2.) Sanitizing all touch points is done prior to your event. 3.) Once the building is ready for an event we no longer allow people to come in for appointments, etc. this is to ensure that the room stays clean for you. 4.) The Magnolia Room has purchased an electrostatic sprayer. This gives us the ability to sanitize large spaces. WE ARE NOT ONSITE TO CLEAN DURING THE EVENT SO PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT THE CATERER OR DELAGATED PERSON CLEANS/SANITIZES THE RESTROOMS AND ALL TOUCH POINTS SUCH AS DOOR HANDLES, ETC.,PERIODICALLY DURING THE EVENT.
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